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     As the only key comprehensive university co-established by the Province and the Ministry  in  Hebei  Province , Hebei University is vested with great importance in the region . It  leads  the  way  in  the  development of higher education in the province. Originally founded by the French Jesuits as Tianjin Business University, the university has  gone   through   several   periods ,  including  Tianjin  Business  Institute,  Jingu University , Tianjin Normal  College, Tianjin Normal University. And in 1960, it became Hebei University  and  moved to the present site-Baoding, in 1970, a city with a long history and rich culture.
    Presently Hebei University is a compound of the Old Campus, the New Campus and the Medical School. Taking up an area of 192 hectares or so, and a building ...( More )
      The  university  attaches  primary  importance  to  the  education  of  its  students  and  academic researches.  It also  assumes the  responsibility to serve the community. Its graduates boast of their knowledge  and  creativity. Since its founding in 1921,there have been more than 300,000 graduates from the  University,  working for the  society  and  adding to the  prestige and glory of the university.
Now,  provided  with  the rare  chance of being selected to be co-established by the Province and the Ministry, Hebei  University is striving  to be among  the top universities in the nation. Previously Hebei University  was  Tianjin  Technology  and Business University founded by the French Societas Jesus at 
     Machang Road in 1921. In the summer of 1933, it became Tianjin Technology and Business College. In 1948, it reregistered as private Jingu University.In September 1951, the private Jingu 
...( More )
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