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         Previously Hebei University was Tianjin Technology and Business University founded by the French Societas Jesus at Machang Road in 1921. In the summer of 1933, it became Tianjin Technology and Business College. In 1948, it reregistered as private Jingu University.
        In September 1951, the private Jingu University  was  approved  by  the  Ministry of Education of the central government to be a public one. To adapt to the demand of the national economic development, the Ministry of Education decided to make adjustments to the colleges and universities. The Technology Department of Jingu  University  were  incorporated  into  Tianjin University, the Business Department into Nankai University and the Tianjin Normal University was established on the base of the Jingu University Normal College. In 1958,it changed its name into Tianjin Normal University and in 1960, it expanded into Hebei University.
        In November, 1970, Hebei University moved to Baoding city. Influenced  by the“Cultural Revolution”and the movement, going through the“Bring order out of chaos”, education stepped onto the right track after The Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of 1978. In the 90s, Hebei University changed its conceptions, made explicit college-running ideas, and  strengthened  the revolution  and  management. The teaching, academic studies  and  the  whole  school  had  a  totally  new look. In the beginning of  the  new  century,  Hebei  University  set  the  great goals of “achieving extraordinary development, establishing the top university of China”. After several years’ steady construction and rapid development, Hebei University is on the upgrade and has already made lots of breakthrough achievements in many fields. Its social influence  and  integrated  strength  have  highly increased. In the new century, Hebei University will seize the  opportunity  of  the  joint  construction  of Hebei province and the Ministry of Education, take the goal of“establishing high-leveled university”, accelerate the revolutionary, establishing and developmental pace. It’s going to make itself an important base for cultivating competent people, scientific research and boosting the application of advanced technological developments and results in Hebei province or even in China.
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