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         Scholars  are  the  soul  of  universities. The characteristics and spirits of them are the university’s exuberant vitality. During the ninety years of development, a group of  scholars,  with their profound of research, excellent personality and charm, forge the unique quality and profound historical culture of Hebei University.
        There are more than 3300  staff  working  in the  university,  about  2000  of whom are professional teachers. HBU energetically implements and carries out the “two-wheel-drive” strategy,  through  which  intelligences  are brought in, teachers get trained abroad, and cross-university exchange programs are conducted. These measures have title and age is  getting  more and more perfect. Young talents, the creative academic pacemakers as well as the state and provincial teaching masters are emerging in large number.
        With the subject construction as her leading role, HBU effectively exploited  and integrated subject resources, highlighted her unique advantage in the integration between different disciplines, implemented the non-equilibrium development strategy as well as granted preferential policy and key security on fund for well–grounded and potential subjects. Now she has  already  formed  into  a multi-level, multi-format and multi-channel pattern, a pattern of personnel training and subject perfecting.
        HBU takes people oriented education as her basic principle and regards  improving  the  teaching  quality as her lifeline. She tries out the “Three-semester” system on undergraduate education, pushes forward the “Accommodation” educational theory, and perfects the characteristics of the two interactive classrooms. With the foundational construction of general education and multiple model of student fostering as her mechanism, HBU would cultivate creative  and  innovative  talents  with  practical  ability  and  studying  capability.  In  postgraduate  education,  HBU  insists  on  carrying out educational  innovation,  revising  teaching  syllabus  and  fostering  methods.  She  takes  the lead in practicing “double-supervisor system” and “red-yellow-card warning system”, which do credit to the improvement of postgraduate education.
        HBU is cultivating comprehensive talents who could be creative and with a down-to-earth approach to learn science and humanism. HBU focuses on quality education, encourages and guides the students to have colorful scientific,  cultural  and educational activities to create a fine atmosophere.
        HBU has successfully held the “University Students’ Day” for 18 times.  This  festival  covers  hundreds  of  fields, such as science and technology, culture and art, during  which  many  famous  people  come  to  HBU,  including  Yu Minhong, Jiang Kun, Shun Junyi, Zhu Jun, Bi Fujian, Bai Yansheng, Ji Lianhai, Jin Yuxi, Guo Jingjing, ect.
        The extracurriculum technological innovation project is meant for the growth and cultivation of students. In recent years, students from HBU have won  more  than  500   awards  in  various  contests,  including  the  Challenge  Cup  in  technological  innovation  and  career  planning,  the  National Undergraduate Electronic Design  Contest  , the National College Mathematical Contest for Modeling,the National English Speaking Contest for College Students,  the  Freescale  Auto  Model  Contest,  the  National  Computer  Contest  for Undergraduates in Arts. The university has been awarded best organizer in many of these events.
        HBU pays much attention to the artistic education of the university students. There is a University Students’ Artisti Center  in  HBU,  in  which the choirs, the  opera  group,  the  military  orchestra  and  the  Chinese  orchestra  have  been  vigorously  developed.  Meanwhile,  those  groups  have successfully visited Mongolia, South Korea, Russia, etc. In the “1st University Students’ Day”, students in HBU have won 3 first prizes, 7 second prizes and 8 third prizes, and HBU also won the title of “Best Organizer”. In 2009,68 awards have been received  in  national  and  provincial  contests;  the “Best-Organizer” award was again won by HBU.
        There are more than 200 youth organizations and student clubs  on  campus,  which have enriched the students’ social experience and creativity through a range of extracurricular activities. According to the Chinese  college  student satisfaction index survey conducted by New Century Weekly in 2005, Hebei University ranked 30th in the overall satisfaction  index  and 3rd in club activities. The Association of Students Clubs is among the top ten college associations of student clubs of this nation.
        Since its founding in 1921, Hebei University has produced more  than  300,000  outstanding  graduates, some of whom are now famous experts and scholars at home and aboard, or social  celebrities,  or  governmental  officials.  The  graduates are contributing to the country in their own ways, adding to the prestige and glory of Hebei University.
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