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         Hebei University  research  work  is closely  related to economic and social evelopment of the country and Hebei province. Many disciplines have become  the  center  for  scientific  research  of Hebei province and the window of academic exchange, made a positive contribution to our province’s economic  construction,  scientific  and  technological  progress  and  social  development.  There  are  13  national  and  Hebei Provincial Institutes of fundamental   research  in  our  university ,  they  are  Chinese  Song  History  Research  Association,  China  Wenxindiaolong  Research  Association, professional  committee  of  Arachnology  of  China  Zoological  Society,  National  Higher School Electromagnetics, Hebei Provincial Institute of Higher Education, Physics, Chemistry, Zoological Society ect.
        Philosophical and Social  Sciences  have  been  in  the  leading level in Hebei Colleges and universities, Chinese ancient history, ancient Chinese literature, history of foreign education, world economy research are all in a national advanced research; Hebei Economic and social development and cultural, educational  and other  soft  science researches  have  played a better decision-making bodies of the General Staff and high-level think-tank role.
        Since the establishment  of  Hebei  Province  Social  Sciences  outstanding achievement award , two are included , which are “collected works of Qixia” and “Textual research on Chinese difficult characters”.
        Natural science research  in  computer  technology,  optics  and  materials  physics,  plasma physics, analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry and physics, zoology, pharmaceutical  chemistry,  electronic and  information  technology research has a domestic advanced level. The number of scientific papers recorded by three major  international  search  systems  has been at the forefront of the province. And the number of papers included in SCIE and  IE  is  the  country’s  top  100  colleges and Universities.  At present our university has 1 key laboratory constructed by Ministry of education and Hebei province, 8 provincial key laboratories, 1 provincial level applied basic research base, 2 provincial engineering technology center.
        The   key  Lab  of  Medicinal  Chemistry  and  Molecular  Diagnosis  was  established  through  the  co-construct  program  in  2007 . Now  the  lab has attracted many high level researchers, including 1winner of the National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars, 2 participants of the Hundred Talents Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 participants of the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in Universities of the Ministry of Education, 3  winners  of the  National  Natural  Science  Funds  for  Distinguished  Young  Scholars  of Hebei  province.  The  findings  of the researchers have been published in renowned journals like Angew. Chem.lnt.de., J.Am.Chem.Soc.. Meanwhile, 14 patents for new medicine have been obtained. There are also 1 first prize winner in Natural  Sciences  in  Hebei  Province,  2  second  prize  winners  of  the  advancement  of  science  and technology. The lab has obtained 52 grants, including 1 form of National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 early special  grant from 973 Program, one special grant from the National Key Progress in new Medicine Technology Funds, 19 from the National Natural Science Funds, 2 from the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in Universities of the Ministry of Education, 3 from the Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars of Hebei Province, and other 25 from provincial-level funds.
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